MO Q&A From MO-Radio


MO Q&A From MO-Radio

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關於一些Mortal Online的問題解答 稍微翻譯一下 有不正確的地方 請提出更正 謝謝


Late at Friday and Sunday night European time MO-Radio aired two interesting Scream112 talk show streams that went on for hours. Both shows had many community members as guests participating in the discussion via skype. Most anticipated guest was naturally Mortal Online CEO Henrik Nyström who was kind enough to join the discussion both days. Many questions were answered by Mr. Nyström or Henrik, which is his IRC nickname. Henrik answered very openly to most of the questions(there were many) he was asked by the community members listening to the shows and a great deal of new info came out. Some of the questions have already been surely answered on these forums, but also many new exciting details of Mortal Online were revealed during the weekend shows.


The following information transcripted from the MO-Radio show is unconfirmed talk of the game. Features of a game at developing and testing phase are subject to change at any given time. When creating a summary of a transcript/talk it is always ripping things out of context. The questions and answers presented below are mostly not the exact words said by the parties involved in the discussion, but the words of my own.

I've compiled some sort of a highlight Q&A summary of the talk shows below here. If you like to speculate and find out more about these Q&A please listen to the show recordings yourself. Listen to the recordings even if you don't want to speculate, it was truly enjoyable and interesting MO-Radio Scream112 talk shows!

Mortal For Life -auction winner Kelfatir was also interviewed during the second session 28th of July. You can find links to the recordings under the Q&A section of this post.

Q&A Grab Bag 1:

Q: Will you be able to buy more than one game with single unique credit card?
A: Yes, but there are some limitations in doing so(more detailed answer in the recordings).

Q: Will you be able to pickpocket in MO?
A: Pickpocketing and stealing are in, the system is pretty similar to Ultima Online system.

Q: How does healing and resting work?
A: You can use rest skill when you're out of combat to regenerate hit points faster than normal. In addition to resting skill there are healing spells and potions.

Q: Will there be magic implemented already in the beta preorderers get into?
A: There will be one magic school revealed to the players which is the basic combat magic school. Players will be able to explore the world to find out about magic and eventually reveal more magic schools by themselves.

Q: How dark is dark in MO?
A: Pitch black. You will really need to have a light source with you to go to a dark place.

Q: What's your stand on players who use macroing programs to train skills afk?
A: We're trying to make the skills work so that afk macroing skills has no significant advantage over training skills "the regular way".

Q: What happens when you die? How can I get back to the book of living?
A: When you die you turn into a ghost that moves in the ether world. You will either have to find a healer or a shrine to get back to the normal world alive. Also other players can resurrect you if they have the skill needed for resurrecting other players.

Q: Does money weight in MO?
A: Yes, you can only carry gold up to a certain limit by yourself. You can use for example caravans to move your goods.

Q: Will tamed pets need food, do I need to feed them?
A: Yes, you will need to feed your pets.

Q: Can I go and tame a dragon if I want to?
A: You can always go and try, but I can't guarantee you any results.

Q: Can you steal or loot a key to a house owned by another player and then take his house for yourself?
A: This is still under development and we are discussing what kind of level of security players should have in their houses. At the moment you can steal the a key to some others house, then go in and lock the doors in order to prevent others entering the house. The true owner of the house can go and have his locks changed if he can find someone to do it for him.
*這是仍處於開發階段,我們正在討論玩家房子安全等級,目前你可以竊取到鑰匙並將他鎖上不讓其他人進入,房子真正的擁有者可以把鎖換掉 如果他有找到人幫他將鎖換掉的話

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Q&A Grab Bag 2:

Q: Did you think the E-bay auction would go over 5000 $?
A: No, I was guessing it around 3000 $ or so.

Q: Why did you choose Doctors Without Borders as a charity target for the E-bay auction?
A: DBW helps saving lives and we thought that was pretty cool.

Q: Will DirectX 10 be supported?
*將會支援DirectX 10?
A: Yes, but at the moment DX9 and DX10 have the same looks in game.
*是的,但是目前DirectX 9和DirectX10畫面是一樣的

Q: When will NDA be lifted?
A: We haven't decided a final date for it yet, but we will be lifting it soon. We will post info about it on the website when it's time.

Q: How does races and bloodmix effect besides looks in character creation?
A: Besides looks, the cap on attributes. It's mostly those two.

Q: Can people place their house anywhere there's room?
A: There will be a few limitations to placing a house depending on some different things. One will be for people occupying a certain area during certain game moments and of course not too close to pre built cities as well. But over that we will always try to make it so that players can place their house as close as possible to the spot they want to place it.

Q: Can I have a summer vocation house in the dragon's lair we saw on the teaser and have him guard my house?
A: Yeah that might be a good spot. *laughs*
*是阿 那可能是一個很好的地方

Q: Are you going to sell 10k copies at the same time or in 2k blocks?
A: We will sell all 10k when shop opens.

Q: How many bigger spots there will be for player cities?
A: It's hard to say, there's a lot of empty spaces in any continent we are going to release at the beginning. It's very hard to calculate how many, it obviously depends on what type of houses you are building. But we are trying to make sure there will be enough space for the huge castles where you will actually be able to control a country in our next biggest step of development. We think it will be hard for everyone to have a huge house, but we do try to create a lot of empty space for the players so as many as possible will be able to build their houses.

Q: If you want to have your guild as a roaming guild instead of city building guild, will it be viable?
*如果我想讓我的公會成為一個漫遊公會,而不是一個建造城市的公會(就是亂亂跑不固定在一點),這可以實現嗎 ?
A: We are developing an artifact system for guilds tied to the religion system and gods. In this system you can tie an artifact to a guild stone and it will give a small bonus to entire guild. These artifacts can be found in the world, although you might not understand what it is. If you carry this object you could have quite a huge bonus on the carrier. But you can't place the object in your bag or log out with it. You can give it to another player or try to hide it until you log back on though. We are also possibly making a system so that other players could get a hint that someone is holding an artifact. So players have a choice, they can either try to play with the artifact in their pocket or it can also even be a weapon. Other way is to tie it to the guild stone for smaller guild wide bonus. This is something pretty interesting we are experimenting, but this will not be up for launch, something for later.

Q: How about religion system, will it be implemented for launch?
*宗教系統會在遊戲開放時實裝嗎 ?
A: It will be in partly, not something you can control from the beginning though.

Q: How many character slots per account at launch?
A: We haven't decided yet really. First we thought around 4-5 slots, but I think we will be lowering it to 2-3 slots. We will also be testing this in the beta phase, since we don't want a single person to be able to master all the crafting skills themselves. This way there will be more interaction with other players. You have to rely on others services in MO.

Q: Are you going to implement recall runes?
A: At first it was pretty obvious choice, because I couldn't imagine of playing UO without them. In you could get instant action by using them. It worked for 10 years for me and I thought it was an obvious choice for me. But then we started to look at the reactions from the community and discovered that a lot of people didn't enjoy these. We know recall runes brings problems to feeling of big world, things come closer with recall runes. We are inspired from EVE Online where transporting of resources are in important role and recall runes could ruin some of these interesting areas. So we took a big step back from recall runes and we are looking for some limits on the transport, but we are looking at having marked runes near guild houses for example. So it's very limited at the moment to use recall runes.
*這是個很明顯的選擇(會),因為我無法想像在玩線上創世紀時沒有回傳符石會怎樣。你可以在使用後得到立即的傳送,在我用了十年後,我覺得這是個顯而易見的選擇。但是我們從社群的反應中得知很多的玩家不喜歡這樣的設計。我們知道回傳符石會對感受這世界的大小產生問題,它會讓距離變得更近。我們從EVE Online中得到靈感,運送資源是很重要的一件事,而回傳符石會毀了這有趣的部分。所以我們對回傳符石退了一大步,加上了一些限制在傳送上,像是將符石標記在公會屋附近。目前使用傳送符石是非常受限的。

Q: What about stealth system, will you have sort of magical stealth system or physical(line of sight) stealth system?
*說說潛行系統,會有魔法的潛行系統與物理的(視線)潛行系統嗎 ?
A: In first person view games you can't hide like in real life you could, you don't have full control of your limbs. We need to add something that will help you hide more easily. At first we were pretty comfortable of having ”transparent” hiding system, but the more we played the beta we found out that it's pretty easy to hide in the environment without any artificial skills that help you. We are still thinking about how to do this. We think there should be some kind of magic that will make you totally invisible, but in this state you cannot move or do anything.

Q: How do you build a house in MO?
A: At this point you will need some different things. You need resources, skills for building buildings and transport for the resources.

Q: What kind of building variety the game has?
*遊戲裡有哪幾種建築的變化 ?
A: At the moment you can only build a house type with 3 different sizes. We also have keeps, towers and castles. But at the moment you can't build walls. So it's only one pre house with an option to upgrade it to something different. The next step will be having walls, because it's interesting for the players to design cities with walls.
*目前你只能建三種不同大小的房子。還會有要塞、塔和城堡,但是目前還不能建城牆。現在只能從一種pre house(預蓋屋 ?)去升級成不同的東西。下一步會加入城牆,因為讓玩家蓋城牆去規劃城市是相當有趣的。

Q: What kind of crowd control and escape mechanic MO has?
*在Mortal Online中有何種聚集的控制與離開的技術 ? (?)
A: We don't have a lot of different spells or skills that effect you a lot. We do have attributes to effect your speed, so there will be huge variety between players. But it's not like you're running 10 times faster or so. It's hard to say yet how the mechanic will work in the end, we need a lot more testing in this matter.

Q: Do you have more trade skills in the game at the moment besides weapon crafting and armor crafting?
*除了武器跟防具製造,還有更多的交易技能在遊戲中嗎 ?
A: Yeah, we have a huge list of trade skills. It's actually too long for me to remember, so we have a lot of skills in the secondary skill tree. There will be so many trade and crafting skills that it will require a lot of players to cover all those skills.

Q: What if all 10k copies are sold out in a matter of hours, what actions will be taken?
*如果一萬套遊戲在一小時內就售完,會有甚麼後續行動 ?
A: We don't know yet how many players our server can hold, so we will know more about that when we enter this next beta phase with all the preorderers. Then we will know if we need another server. We need to also find out if we should start NA server as well. Although it seems that EU servers are very playable for NA based players, so we will need to think about how to deal with this if the demand is higher than what our first server can hold. [This answer is way longer than what I wrote here]
*我們不清楚我們的伺服器可以容納多少玩家,所以在預購玩家進入這次測試期時,我們會了解更多。然後我們會知道是否需要另一組伺服器。我們也要知道是否需要開北美伺服器。看起來歐洲伺服器對北美玩家來說玩起來是不錯的。所以我們要去思考如果這一萬個預購玩家對伺服器的負擔超出我們第一組伺服器時,該如何做。 (?)

Q: But what will you do if the game sells out within first couple hours, really quick?
*如果遊戲在開賣後很快的就銷售一空,你會做什麼 ?
A: We will probably bring up some champagne. On a more serious note we will probably be very busy at handling all the players with the resources we have. It's a huge task for us, so we will be very occupied handling everything. But of course if we see that things are running smooth and we can handle the pressure we will continue selling more copies.

Q: How does taming work in the game?
A: It's quite similar to UO taming skill. So you have a taming skill, but we take a step future where you have to learn about the animal before you can tame it, such as different animal families and what kind of group they are in. But otherwise it's quite like in UO where you have to talk to it and make it calm and get it to trust you.

Q: There wont be any instant messaging?
A: Yeah we do have some different methods of communicating. There's the normal local chat and then there's pigeon birds that you can use to send a delayed message to someone. Then you have guild communication in which you can talk to anyone in the guild instantly.

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發表  Saul 于 周四 7月 02, 2009 9:10 pm


The following information transcripted from the MO-Radio show is unconfirmed talk of the game. Features of a game at developing and testing phase are subject to change at any given time. When creating a summary of a transcript/talk it is always ripping things out of context. The questions and answers presented below are mostly not the exact words said by the parties involved in the discussion, but the words of my own.

The following Q&A is a compilation of discussion in MO-Radio 28th of June. Not all questions and answers are listed here, mostly because of the shear complexity of answers or they've been answered already elsewhere. I strongly suggest everyone to listen to the show by themselves. You can find link to the show recordings at the bottom of this post.

Q&A Grab Bag 3:

Q: Will there be different kind of creatures in the night compared to daytime?
A: There's a lot of gameplay features affected by daytime cycle. There are a few resources like flowers or so which can only be picked up during daytime or moonlight. There are also different mobs that are awake during certain time of a day. Also the combat and pvp is affected, since you have to use light sources during the night.

Q: Will there be a chat bubble over people who talk near you?
A: The text others say will be shown in the local chat window and also above player heads like in UO.

Q: Is there summoning or teleporting spells?
A: We need to be careful with this, because it affects the entire travelling system. We don't want people to avoid trading routes by using that kind of travel. However there could be some sort of teleportation close to the guild stone at some point.

Q: What game feature is the most worried about at the moment? Something that could go wrong.
A: Well I was worried at some state about the real time combat system, but after we ran testing over years We feel and I'm confident that we have very good real time combat system. I'm not sure if we have any other feature that we're worried, but it could be the minigame system for crafting. It might be that we can't get that minigame ready for launch. Because it's really difficult to implement into our system. It's unreal engine that's really limiting us in some ways and we will have to develop a new pipeline for the engine and that task is not simple or quick.

Q: What kind of minigame is this for crafting?
A: We haven't released much info of it yet, but it will be nothing like some other games have. It's really unique and very cool. It has puzzle elements in it and experimenting.

Q: Does MO have a system that can be updated visually after like 10 years?
A: The Unreal Engine is very flexible graphic engine and yeah, it can be updated well.

Q: Will players have to pay extra for large updates and expansions?
A: We believe in having a loyal customer base and for that we have to give something back for the community. So at the moment we are aiming for having these as free updates.

Q: What arc type are you going to play in MO?
A: I enjoy the half orc race and I'm going to be on the battle field a lot. If you enjoy the pvp you will see me probably some time. I enjoy the magic also so I will probably be using magic.

Q: Will hybrids be best in MO pvp?
A: I don't think that mixing melee, archery and magic will be the best way to pvp because each of these require a lot of skill from the player. I think the best combat style for a player is the one he likes the most. So a quick answer to the question is no.

Q: Will I be able to get married and have kids?
A: We're not sure about that step, but it's a possibility if it's wanted by the players. We're not restricting ourselves in lore or so however, so it's possible.

Q: Will there be caravans for trading, chariots etc?
A: Yeah, well that's actually a must if you want to build a castle or a city. You will need wagons and mounts to carry the resources, same goes with building siege weapons.

Q: How cartography skill works?
A: We're looking into this still how to do it. There are two ways. One very interesting way is to make players paint the map with a digital pen on their own. But this requires a similar interface system like the crafting mini game needs. So it wont make it to launch. Cartography will be more generic at first where you can't do so much on your own.

Q: If and when you get the system for the crafting mini game and others alike, what else can it do?
A: You could draw your own paintings, guild logo for crafted armor and guild logo for banners hanging from the walls and such. This is quite high priority after launch because it opens up so many new features. Hopefully we get to work on this system in the near future.

Q: Will you be able to upload your own guild logo image?
A: At the moment we have pre set of images and logos. We have looked at the possibility of players to upload them, but we're not sure about the administartion for that. We still have limited resources, but if things run smooth and we can increase our resources things like that will be looked at.

Q: Is there any anti cheat system for the game?
A: Epic Games have been working for an anti cheat system for us. It's not so simple thing though, because we always have to be careful when we're implementing different systems so it will easily support the anti cheat system. We do have a system at the moment and tools to track down cheats and instant ban them. Hopefully it will be efficient enough for what we are going to face.

Q: Does banking have item limitation?
A: Yeah, there will be item limitation. This is because we need to control the size of our database. But you can also store items in a house you own.

Q: How will murder flagged(reds) bank?
A: There will be a few towns that will be guardless so reds can bank there. We're still forming the rules for the reds, but they will have access to banks.

Q: Is there a way to reproduce books and maps in a fast way?
A: You will be able to copy books and maps with right skills and resources. I'm not sure how fast it will be.

Q: Is there treasure hunting system?
A: Yeah, you will need cartography for that.

Q: Will paypal be supported as payment?
*會支援PayPal這個付費管道嗎 ?
A: Yes, we will support it.
*是的, 我們會支援.

Q: How much will Mortal Online cost?
*MO會賣多少錢 ?
A: It will be cheaper than for example Darkfall was. The price will always be cheaper for the non-EU players because of the 25% VAT. But it will be cheaper than Darkfall for both EU and non-EU based.

Q: Will there be flying mounts?
*會有飛行坐騎嗎 ?
A: No, there wont. We did have some nice design for it, but we ran into too many problems and we are ditching it probably for good.
*不會. 我們對飛行坐騎有一些很棒的設計,不過我們遇到了很多問題,所以捨棄飛行坐騎可能會比較好.

Q: What inspired you to start Mortal Online project?
A: It has been a long journey to start the company etc. I've always been a ”doer” type of a person, it really started from UO beta stage when I felt that this is something I really wanted to do in the future. At that point technology was restricting to create a game like MO, but now we're here.

Q: What's your favorite color?
A: That would be green. Good question!

Q: Will the animals be nude?
*動物會是光著身體的嗎 ?
A: Yeah, they're nude.
*是的, 它們是裸體的.

Q: Will you be able to reproduce tamed animals?
*可以繁殖馴服的動物嗎 ?
A: Yeah, you will be able to breed animals.
*是的, 你可以繁殖動物

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回復: MO Q&A From MO-Radio

發表  Saul 于 周四 7月 02, 2009 9:11 pm

Ok, here are the notes I took from the chat with Henrik since I was pretending to translate it for our fansite. Some things possibly don't make much sense but everything relevant is in there (even some jokes!) if you get to understand them. Since its like 2 hours of conversation I thought some might be interested. There's a lot of juicy info I hope Scream112 doesnt mind :>


The following information transcripted from the MO-Radio show is unconfirmed talk of the game. Features of a game at developing and testing phase are subject to change at any given time. When creating a summary of a transcript/talk it is always ripping things out of context. The questions and answers presented below are mostly not the exact words said by the parties involved in the discussion, but the words of my own.

Interview with Henrik Nystrom 26-06-09 [] are my coments.
by Scream112

Siege weapon: They will cost enough time and resources to built and to transport so that hopefully it wont be chaos. It will cost guilds a lot to destroy a house. So you will think about it twice. If for example a guild has someone around annoying with their house, it would be a good idea. We have catapult and other common ones like in real life. The siege system is not yet in place as you know. We may have however the arrow thingie you saw in the trailer but thats all.

Cities: (arrow holes ok!) We are experimenting a lot, like the siege, so dont expect it at release.

Do you like waffles?: yes sure! really good question

How buying of accounts? cd-keys?: I m not in charge of that sorry.

Will we be able to download the client? (no matter what version you buy): Yep, thats right, and you'll be able to redownload it as many times as you want.

Party user interface?: You can group with other players, and you can keep track of them. And the same thing for guildies.

So You will be able to identify your guild mates and group mates from other people?: yep.

[Some nonsense about MOradio banner and beer (Morado!)]

Will Morado be in game beer?: *giggle* yeah, its a good name for a beer.

Will there be free beer with the pre-orders (like the nº1)?: Aint that enough?

Where this idea of life-time suscription came from?: It was from a week ago, to put it on eBay. We wanted everyone to have an oportunity, and also a pretty fun event for everyone to follow. I have to give credits to Charlie and Mats for the DWB idea.

Did you spected this much? [this was then it was around 2000$]: Well we didnt expect a huge amount of money from this copy. We've seen such things before but never in the gaming industry.

You are one of the company who have shown so few...that much money would be a month salary here in sweden.

Were you surprised?: Yes, and so were the doctors.

Many of us experienced that issue where a a naked player was very able to compete at the game (DF), are you going to suffer significantly without wearing gear?: Simply put, yes. You wouldnt last much on the battlefield.

How nude would you be able to be? (in AoC you could get completely nude, except if you were a woman, you had a tatto thong(?) on your skin and you couldnt see your private parts): Well at the moment you are fully nude, so there's nothing in the way. We've have a shocking reaction from beta testers and discussed if we should have some kind of "blessed" rags.

What rating do you want for the game?: We are not aiming for any rating, we are just focusing in the actual game experience and let that decide the rating instead. In this case its a very mature, violence and nudity... that fits the mortal online lore.

Would that be a problem if you got the Adult rating?: As said, we dont care about the ratings.

( because in case you didnt know if you get Adult rating you cant sell your game in a place like Gamestop): Yeah we'll have to see when we get to that step when we are at the stores, if we do that at all. At first we only thought about Digital Download but as we got requests for boxed/limited versions we started to look if we could do something interesting about it and I think we have managed well.

So are you distributing the game yourself or is someone else?: .[...] *some story about a crazy swedish company already offering Mo preorders...*. We thought that was pretty wierd yeah. Anyway we are shipping the game on our own (worldwide).

Will people to buy multiple accounts with 1 credit card?: Uhm, I m not totally sure but I know we have systems that detect your credit card and you can do so many tranfers in so much time. You can only get one game for account in the shop. You'd have to create a new account (for the shop) to buy more. We will announce the limits when we have them. [Those accounts wont be related to the forum accounts]

Prices will we see them before you release them?: We dont have the final prices but asap we know for sure we'll post them.

What time the shop will open?: We still havent decided, but we aim for a good time for both US and EU. We have seen other release go not so good, and we want to do it right, with a stable shop. We are trying our best, we had few problems even today. Hopefully we'll have the solution tomorrow and will give it to you. We get so little sleep. [it was 4am and that moment in the interview, and remember this was taken before the devs announced the delay in the shop oppening]

[Song: Lonely island track: the bause (?)]

Will there be something to prevent people from griefing with pickpocketing? (UO experience): Yeah I experienced it with UO, but I dont see a big problem. It was a fun moment. I also had a thief and I know about that. We have pickpocketing in MO and stealing. And the moment is pretty similar to UO. So you have to watch your back.

How much will the shipping be?: I m not sure. We have a partner helping with the shipping, and it was around 80 swedish crowns (10,3$ / 7,35€ atm). [nothing confirmed]

System requeriments?: We still dont have a final requeriments. But we're starting to have a good stimate and will release it when you are able to buy it.

[lachrymose y Shinzon lol'ing and the fact that people think they were hired by SV for the reviews, Henrik doesn't deny it ]

[Henrik and SV inthe test island hide away a couple of carebears (?) in the island]
-Henrik: We hide something in the island and saw if people was exploring. And it didnt take long before they found it. It was something fun. Like 2 black sandals from UO. I m totally worthless navigating the test island. I m supervising everyhting on the office and it felt small from outside so one day I jump in to play with the rest. And I was clueless about the places other people mentioned... I got lost from the group so I was alone in the jungle screaming. I have to give the designers credit. I was totally lost. Then I remembered we had talked about orientation in the forums and started looking for where the sun was etc. And the other beta testers told me: "you have to look a the mountains!". ...¿so where were these carebears? I knew the carebears where at the ruins but I didnt know where the ruins were. THe island was 1 km square, about the size of Tindrem.
-Lachry: I think its great. I lost myself too.
[Bunch of nubs >.>]
-Henrik: I thought I knew where the ruins where, but when I tried to reach them again with this noob, I couldnt find it.

There is benefit from hitting someone from upper ground (bonus dmg)?: No, but obviously you have it easier to hit the head.

Plans for healing: We have a resting skill that we've playing with. You can use it out of combat to regain your attributes faster than normal rate. We also have potions, bandages and magic to heal.

Will the beta client have magic?: The only magic school that we'll be revealing to the players is the common combat magic school. (this will be also for the release). The players will have to explore the world to find other schools (like many other secondary skills). There wont be many spells, but every spell will have its use. Spells will require regeants.

In the beta gameplay we see a torch. What happens if it wears out?: Ok, it'll pitch black in that area. We had a pretty huge dungeon that we've been testing. I run down pretty deep and if you loose your torch, you cant even play the game. We dont want players to stuck on the game because they dont see, but yeah.

-Henrik: When the nº1 edition guy comes to have a beer with us we may announce it so that more people can come.

Will there be magical light sources?: Yeah, there will be spells. We have two magical ways to make light, one like nightvision and one like Gandalf's staff.

Whats your stand on afk macros?: We tried to not design the skills so that people can afk macro them. The primary skills wont take forever to level up, some are pretty quick.

Will characters become fat?: Uhmmm no, but your body will change its shape depending on your attributes.

Details about Etherworld?: You can float around like a ghost in the Etherworld and to get back you just have to find a healer or a player who can healer. So there wont a timer or anything, you will just be in the Etherworld. And if a player have the apropiatted skills they can res you. There is this other stuff in the Etherworld but it'll be for the players to learn. It will be crazy and dangerous. No permadeath.

Can we expect some one time spawns in the Etherworld?: I cant answer that question.

Is there ghostbusters in Etherworld?: Its a good question, I cant answer that.

What about necromancy?: We havent announced necromancy school of magic, have we? Well, we have a few spells in that area.

Is there a colosseum in Tindrem?: Yep.

Ingame voice chat program?: We are not sure. Actually we've been discussing with some companies which supply this service but we realize then we'd have a lot more bandwight. (lag!)

Will gold weight?: Yep. (money donkies!)

Bank local or global?: Its local.

Talk about the crafting minigames: Crafting is pretty much Mats area. I'm not much envolved. I enjoy the complexity mats is creating, he s great.
[lovers?] Atm we dont have any minigames at crafting. But I dont know the progress on that.

The pigdeons that send msgs, do you need to tame them etc?: Well, we actually tried to have them as a physical object that players could kill and intercept the msg, but we ran into some problems. So we are not sure if they will be physical objects or not. There is a small delay when you send them until they recieve the msg, but nothing unbearable.

Will you be able to get a disease and if so spread it to others?: We've been discussing this and think its quite interesting feature. One answer would be that we'd want to do this secretly for the players to discover. We have some secret planning. It wont make it for the release. (pidgeon flu!)

Expansions free only for pre-orders?: We have always enjoyed cccp model (EVE) and they have a huge loyal fan base and we're trying the same. Thats something we are aiming for, yeah. (So expansions free for everyone that buys and suscribes)

How fast traveling is going to be?: We tried to keep it real when it comes to walking and running. And mounts will be also close to reality. I dont know how the guys come out with the measurament but its suppossed to be the same speed that in real life.

Do you have to feed your mounts/pets? (like tamagochi): Yep.

How will starvault deal with goldsellers?: I dont consider them a problem. [Lachry agrees] You wont see many autopilot bots gathering resources etc because it'd be easy for other players to notice and get free loot. You are never safe in MO. (walking piñatas!)

The taming, wheres the limit, can you tame that big dragon in the teaser?: Well you can try *wink*.

Whats the statloss status?: Its a pretty hard decision. I totally understand both sides. But yeah like I said I played UO from day 1 and its a pretty unique experience when you went to the red side. It added a lot more pressure and adrenaline. Its a mix filling for me. We are not decided for one way yet.

Are we going to see another crazy turns during the beta, like one week we test this and then that?: yeah, mostly during the first weeks of the beta. People shouldnt be much attached to their chars, since we will be fliping systems in and out, at least at the start.

Have you guys at SV killed the dragon?: Well this is an epic creature and it work in different ways depending on what NPC routine we add to it. We also can control it as you know, so it really depends if its NPC or DEV controlled.

NDA ends with this new phase?: We wont have an NDA in this phase. Not 100% confirmed, but looks like we are going that way. I mean, if we have 10k beta testers, it would be very easy to have leaks. We'll let the game speak for itself.

How important a city will be for a guild?: We let the players build their houses next to each other, and that could form a city. It's a more open system than other games you've seen. But we also want to give them tools to set taxes and declare wars to the neighboor country and thats the area where we actually have to place a system for it.

Will you be able to design your house?: At least at the beginning there will be different sizes and styles and possible upgrades for your house. Its not Sim city, we have some limit on this system.

How about disasters, will there be in? (tornados, godzilla..): We have this Conflux and it includes things like that, disasters and in different times there could be different huge events that would affect the players in that area.

So there might be the possibility of another player-caused Conflux?: Well this is Mats area and a sensitive one so I'll save it for later.

Can the player decide on how the armor will look, like having a hole?][<-- retard]:You do have a lot of options to choose from when crafting: material, and another level of customization. I m not sure I forgot if we had this mark feature. You cannot paint your own design. We tried it but it was too complicated. [This question could use some work, I'll edit it later]

Could you build a city with your guild an let someone place a house next?: Yes, everyone can place their house anywhere they want [considering terrain limits etc], and so then its when your guild smacks down that little bastard.

Key stealing?: Atm we are trying many security systems for houses. This is also one hard decision. Atm you have a master key which you cant copy without the right resources or skills. So that means a player could steal your key, get in, and lock the door. And we are thinking about the possibility of being able to change the lock, so meanwhile the thief could have some time to steal stuff... so the question is if houses have full loot or not. We want to have good balance so that everybody can manage their bussiness alone.

If you kill someone in their house, will the guards be alerted?: No, because houses cant be built in guards-zone. If you had a guild city then you could hire a somewhat guard, but that would be added latter in the game.

Can you rent an appartment inside Tindrem?: We actually got through that. I m not sure if I like that idea. But a few thought it was appealing. Probabily it would be only for shops. But nothing is decided yet.

Will crafted items display their crafter?: Yep. When you have reached a certain amount of skill you'll be able to mark it.

If we steal a key, can we destroy the house?: uhhmm no.

[the MO radio guy, Lachry and Shizon keep talking for half an hour while I feel almost like shooting myself. the end]

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