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- Range for targeting people increased by 100%.
- Range for calling guards taken down to 25%, meaning you need to be closer to the person who you want to call guards on then before.
- People outside of the guard zones will no longer be treated as criminals when you call guards.

- Added several fixes for magic-fx.
- Added support for magic-animations that have their anim-rate scaled based on cast-time.

- You will now use skills when casting magic, meaning you might fizzle if you don't have enough skill.
- You will now gain skills in magic based on the difficulty of your current spell.

- You can no longer pre cast spells while auto running or jumping.
- Spells should now deal/heal more random amounts of damage.
- Spells should no longer overwrite each other when cast on the same target at the same time.
- New sound for channelling animation.

- Added support for hitfx on projectile-based magic.
- Added sound support for sound when hitting with spells.
- Removed default trail-fx and hit-fx for spells.

- Fixed a bug in line-of-sight that made all spells say "out of sight" after you targeted thin air.
- Fixed a bug that made casting a new spell while having a spell pre-casted messed up.
- Fixed a bug that made it possible to "paxa" a loot even when you were dead.
- Fixed a bug that made it really hard to get equipment hits.
- Fixed a bug that made dual-wielding power-level your character.
- Fixed a bug where the names of the players were not displayed in the trade window.

- You will now correctly gain skill from the weapon you hit with when dual-wielding.
- Fixed a bug in armour calculations that made armours remove less damage then it should.
- Fix for small clearing bug in the action bar.
- Several server-stability issues fixed.

- Added Attribute Gain on Skills.
- Added the to lock, gain on attributes.
- Added Attribute Skill Cap.
- Reduced the Attribute points placeable at char creation.
- Left Mouse button Bug fixed.
- Separated Mining / Lumberjack animations.

- New particle-fx for spurt.
- Weapons will now take durability damage based on what armor you hit on.
- Durability on weapons will now make the weapon do less and less damage until it's destroyed.
- If you left click a vendors item you can now write with numbers how many you want, single right clicking will still add one.
- Item names are now displayed on mouse over in the vendor window.
- Item names are now displayed on mouse over in the trade window.

- The number box for item splitting will now appear next to the clicked item.
- Changed the look of the "Tool-tip box" in the inventory and made it scale with the length of the item name.
- Names of weapon-parts has been changed in the weapon creation.
- How a weapon was built will now be reflected in its item name, seen on mouse over.
- All characters will now start with 20 more hp.
- Changed Actionbar shorts from F1-12 to 1 - ´.

- New Magic Animations (more to come).
- Ragdolls for creatures has gotten more density (weight).
- Magic "ball" follows camera so it doesn't disappear from view.
- NPCs react from damage.

- New spellicons.
- sidebar design changed.
- Toggle feature in gameoptions for sidebar.

- Some performance tweaking made in Fabernum.
- More Detail added to Fabernum (more to come).
- More work done around the trail from Kranesh.
- Vadda got some more work done to it. (more to come).
- Moved around NPC´s in Vadda.
- Arrow Value and price reduced.
- Several collision fixes.
- Spruces now got branches and needles again.
- Khurite village got new ambience sound.
- Slight optimization of login screen.
- Added coins of gold and silver to vendors.

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