News 21-09-09


News 21-09-09

發表  Saul 于 周二 9月 22, 2009 4:16 pm

Server status
The testing phases this far have been stressful, 2k new testers every second week have not been a simple task to handle. The basic server architecture and software are now rather stable , which is what is most important at this point. With the increased stability we have started to add a few features and will continue to add some major ones soon. Some of those features require us to implement something called the MassiveLOD first due to resource limitations on the client side. MassiveLOD will for instance let us introduce the rest of the continent.

Here are some screenshots from the beta to be published for the first time.

Better patch-hosting and tweaked patcher
We are currently setting up a new patching host (Content Delivery Network) which will be a lot faster than our current hosting system and maximize your connection. We should be able to go live with this system in the first week of October. Meanwhile, the Updater (patcher) itself has been tweaked to be more user-friendly and show more information. These improvements will make for a much smoother patching experience.

Game Accounts with pending or failed payment
All accounts with the status “pending” or “initiated” have had their payment options reset to wipe any possible payment errors in the shop. This also means it's no longer possible to play the Beta if your payment hasn't come all the way through. To continue Beta testing the game (and to keep your slot when we go retail) you have to complete your purchase of Mortal Online: do this by logging in to your account, fill in your payment options and complete the purchase. You are free to choose any payment option you like.

About the Beta, support and refunds
We'd like to take this opportunity to remind you that a lot of stuff in the Beta has nothing to do with the complete version of Mortal Online, the beta is to help us test and tweak the game until release. Please also remember we are still a small independent company without a sales team and support team to be able to quickly support you for the time being. A dedicated support team will be in place when Mortal Online is officially released. In other words; support will be included in the monthly subscriptions, as that is in part what the monthly subscriptions are for.

Beta has a lot of bugs not only related to game play, some of them also deals with even starting the game, problems with drivers etc. We are not able to refund any purchases because you don’t like the Beta, it’s not to be liked it’s to support us in the development. Please consider this before buying a license.

Beta forum and bug tracker
We are now opening a Beta section (with an integrated bug tracker) on our forums for all our Beta testers. Please remember that the NDA is still in place for the Beta, meaning we will not tolerate any NDA breach on the public forum at all once we go live with the Beta section. To get access to the Beta section and bug tracker please go to (you must be a Beta tester for this). You only have to do this once.

Furthermore, your forum account will be linked to your game account. If you breach the NDA both the game and forum account will suffer the consequences. As the Beta section will let you discuss the game freely the NDA will stay for yet some time. We are not very fond of the NDA, however a lot of people don't seem to understand the concept of “Beta” or “work in progress”: We as developers work with the servers and chosen areas of the game play and game world in the order we like. We put stuff in that is half-finished and don't necessarily take playability, lore or consistency into account. Neither do we have the resources to write instructions or give support to everyone for all the features we put in or update. We don't want people to think that the Beta is the full game and although most of you of course know about all of this a lot of uninitiated people don't, and therefore we want to minimize the amount of screens and videos published about the game.

Since we have worked out all duplicate purchases there are a couple of Limited Editions (The Full Loot Bag) available in the shop. The shop is now fully open till our first Beta server is full, meaning if you are able to purchase a license for the game to be released in Q4, you will get instant access to our current Beta.

IRC Mortal Online
Take the opportunity to chat with other people in our Mortal Online IRC channel.
Wednesday 21:00 GMT+2 Henrik Nyström (CEO) will be joining the channel (#mortalonline) and you will get the opportunity to ask some questions about Mortal Online.

IRC beta
If you are interested in discussing the current beta live with other testers and sometimes developers from Star Vault please follow these steps to join: and then type /moinvite mail for the beta channel. You must be a Beta tester to be able to join this channel.

Ending notes:
We are very happy for the support from our current Beta testers. Thank you for your patience during this rough time, we really appreciate your support and want to thank you for all the nice feedback and friendly pm's and emails. With the increased server stability we are now looking forward to introduce some really interesting game features for testing, stay tuned!

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