Quick guide 0.4


Quick guide 0.4

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Quick guide, commands in Mortal Online version 0.4

To change from mouse look and mouse move click “Z”.
In mouse move mode you can drag items and windows around but you cannot look around or strike with your character.

Default keys are set to the following:
W = forward
S = backwards
A = strafe left
D = strafe right
Double tap any of these buttons make you take a short quick jump in that direction.
Space = jump
Hold Left Shift key = Sprint
Hold CRTL = Walk
R = use (used on npcs to access a menu, res etc) (also used on people who is in mercy mode to finish them off with style Wink)

I = Inventory
P = Character Window
L = Skills menu, here you can use skills directly by simply clicking on them, or you can drag and drop them onto your quick bar.
O = Spellbook

1,2 -9,0,+,´ (last two keys depending on keyboard layout)
These are the quick bar hot keys and they will use what skill or item you've dropped in the corresponding slot.

Shift + number
With this command you can select the ten different pages on the quick bar.

Press Enter to enter chat, press Enter again to send or exit.

Press TAB while aiming at a player or NPC to target it. You will see its Name, Flag and Health bar in the target bar.

To get started:
When you first get into the game you might want to find a crafting NPC. He can hand you a starting weapon (actually it’s quite useless as a weapon but a good tool) that you will need in order to mine ore and get lumber by cutting trees or rocks. He will also give you a basic robe. Equip these items by right-clicking them in your inventory or drag them from your inventory to your character window.

Chat commands:
“iconsidermysins” / “murdercount” - output the number of murder-counts you currently have.
“loot” - find and loot the closest lootbag.
“trade” - start a trade session with your current target.
“pos” - output your current position (for beta,it's encoded)
“guard” / “guards” - call guards if you are in a guard-zone
“stuck” - try to reposition your character if you are stuck (don’t move for 5 seconds)
“tame” - try to tame your current target ( see “Taming” section for more info )

To trade with someone you target him/her (by pressing TAB or R) and then type "trade" in the chat.
To add items to the trade you right click them in your inventory and to remove items you right click them in the trade window.

To enter combat mode/draw your weapons hit “X” key. Equip weapons by drag and drop or right click to equip to these slots.

Clicking left mouse button = a random swing as fast as possible
Click and hold left mouse button = Charge a swing release button to swing. Stamina will continuously drain while you hold a swing charged and if you run out your weapon will be lowered. You'll then have to wait until you've recovered enough stamina to swing again.
Strafe in a direction and click or hold left mouse button to strike from that direction.
Hold right mouse button to block (all weapons and shields can block). Also, when 2 players strike at each other at the same time their weapons may clash, which results in a block.
Hold right mouse button and left click to push back an opponent
Hold Alt key and click or hold left mouse button to thrust (strikes straight forward where you aim)
When dual wielding, strafe left or right and use left mouse button to use the corresponding weapon.

Using magic requires Magic Skill and Reagents. Reagents can be bought from certain vendors. The various spells require different Magic Skill to be cast, and the less skill you have the more likely you are to fizzle your spells. Some spells simply cannot be cast at low levels. Practise easy spells first, then move up to more difficult ones to keep gaining skill points.

To get started, open your spell book and drag some spells to your quickbar, for instance Lesser Healing and Spurt. Make sure you have the necessary Reagents.

To cast a spell you must first channel it. This is done by pressing the assigned quickbar button. You cannot move during the channeling time and you will be interrupted if you sustain damage. The spell fizzles very often until you have enough skill. After the spell is successfully channeled, it will remain channeled for several seconds.

To release the spell you'll need a target (target someone by looing at them and press TAB.) If you press the quickbar button of the currently channeled spell and your target is within distance (and not behind an obstacle) the spell will be released towards that target. If you hold Alt while pressing the quickbar button the spell will be cast on yourself.

Magic may seem simple at first but is in fact one of the most complicated and powerful arts to master in Mortal Online. Already with the few spells currently available in Beta a mage duel requires a lot of practise and skill. For instance Corrupt will deal very little damage to your opponent, but the reoccuring damage will interrupt him from casting spells with longer casting times - in turn giving you time to cast a more powerful spell, unless your opponent decides to ignore the damage from Corrupt and cast a quick Spurt on you to interrupt your spell. And so on. Make sure to learn the channeling times for spells and always keep an eye out for what spell your opponent(s) are currently channeling.

When you die:
To resurrect you will need to find a priest. Priests can usually be found at shrines with statues scattered around the world. Make sure you know the location and direction to a priest before embarking on a journey.

If you get stuck:
First of all we'd like to know where it happened. If you write “pos” in the chat you will get your current position in scrambled world coordinates. Please save this and report it to us.
Then try using the command “stuck” in the chat and wait for 5 seconds. If that doesn’t work and but you are able to move around somewhat try another position and type “stuck” again.

Next, try logging out and in again. If nothing else works you can use the “Beta Suicide” button in the character screen (P), this should kill you (and you will lose all items you are carrying). If you then use the “Beta Suicide” button again you should get teleported to the closest priest.

Creature Taming:
To tame a creature you first need to get within taming distance of a creature. Target the creature by looking at it and press TAB. Then type “tame” in the chat.
If you are skilled enough (some creatures are very difficult to tame or simply cannot be tamed at lower skill levels), you have a chance of taming the creature. Taming a creature takes time, the more skill you have the quicker the taming process will be. Practice taming with easy creatures first and move on to more difficult ones later to keep gaining skill.

When you have acquired a pet (by successfully taming a creature) you can start to try giving it orders. Commands and orders are dependent on your skill and some commands are more difficult than others. By training with your pet by for instance repeatedly ordering it to stay and follow you, you will gain skill. The more skill you have, the bigger the chance your pet will follow your commands.

Commands, states and abilities are dynamic and interact in different ways and you’ll have to learn from experience how your pet reacts to them. For instance it’s possible to have your pet stay at a certain spot at the same time it’s commanded to protect you. You can then move around in the area and your creature won’t follow, but as soon as you are attacked the pet will react and try to protect you. Another example is you can tell your pet to follow you, while at the same time protect another player. And so forth.

Note: At the moment pets cannot follow you from one server "node" to another. There is no easy way to recognize a "node" when you are traversing the world, however you will notice your creature not following you over certain invisible border lines. "Node-jumping" for creatures will be implemented after testing the current pet system.

Currently available commands for your pet:

To make your pet follow a target, target something and type “follow”.
Type “follow me” to have your pet follow you.

To have your pet stay at current spot, type ”stay”.

To make your pet attack a target, no matter its current state, target something and type ”attack”.
Type ”attack me” to have your pet attack you.

To make your pet protect something, target something and type ”protect”. Your pet will attack anything that subsequently attacks the target.
Type ”protect me” to have your pet protect you.

Type ”abandon” if you want to abandon your current pet.

Currently available States for your pet:

Your pet will defend itself if attacked. Type ”defensive”.

Your pet will remain passive even when attacked. It will not interfere in any battling and it will not counterattack, unless you force it by giving it a direct "attack" order. Type ”passive”.


To rename your pet, type ”rename” followed by the current name of the pet and then the new name. For example “rename Weasel Pop”

Known issues:
There are tons of known issues. A few important ones that you’ll run into are:

Creature loot sometimes spawns a bit off from where you killed the creature. You might be able to find it if you run around a bit.

Character creation:
You will need to toggle a race or sex before the character appears.
You can't mix races on the first page, but you can on the second.
Don't forget to spend all your attribute points.
Your starting location is currently randomized.

Login location:
Sometimes you won't start at the same location you were at the last time you logged out. If this happens you should instead be spawned in one of the (currently random) starting locations.

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