Patch Notes December 10th


Patch Notes December 10th

發表  Saul 于 周四 12月 10, 2009 10:27 pm

Another patch addressing issues related to the latest expansion has been released. There are more to come. These are some of the noteworthy fixes:
The mini map and the world-map were causing an FPS drop for some players in certain situations. This has been fixed.
The Campfire is now craftable in clan cities.
The raft is now craftable in clan cities
Orkish Brutality wasn't skilling up properly for all players and this has been fixed.
Issue addressed where achievements were not showing attribute bonuses correctly.
Fixed a bug where achievements and the breath bar would not disappear from the screen.
After using Disabling Shot, it now automatically switches to regular archery.
You can no longer mount cannons while in water or in the air. You also have to stand still and be unarmed.
Fixed a bug in the Quest system, where the wrong vendor name might display in the quest tab
Corrected an issue with monsters having very high arrow protection
Fixed a bug where certain monsters would not attack mounted players
Corrected an issue where the Devil would get stuck and became unresponsive.
Fixed a bug related to out of game access to the quest journal. You can now only access the journal from inside the game.
An issue where wildlife became unresponsive has been fixed.

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