Patch Notes December 11th


Patch Notes December 11th

發表  Saul 于 周三 12月 16, 2009 1:44 pm

This is the third patch since the expansion. Noteworthy changes include:

You cannot mount a cannon while climbing a fishnet or a ladder
Transferred characters can now buy extra conscript weapons
Guard tower damage was lowered
Fixed a bug that didn't always allow you to learn a skill while reading books/manuals
You no longer need to click twice to get back to normal melee/archery attack after using an alternative melee/archery attack.
An issue with disabling blow/disabling shot was fixed where the victim couldn't block again if killed by the shots.
A bug was fixed where cool down on skills/spells wasn't displayed correctly on the client if you died and re-spawned while the cool down was active.
Made all village control points persistent across server shutdowns. This means that the timers will not reset after server-up and the previous owner will still own it if they haven't timed out already.
Kraken protections were fixed where players could use certain types of magic arrows to damage it. Kraken is for ships only
Cool down problems with volcano are fixed
Cool down problems with Toxic Rain were fixed.
We've also made small updates to various props.

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