Hacks, exploits, botting, gold farming


Hacks, exploits, botting, gold farming

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There seems to be a misconception about our resolve on the above activities so we'll explain some of what we do:

In-game exploits: Our GMs are instructed to give out warnings and to escalate temporary bans to permanent ones. This is done diligently. We get a detailed report on all activities and we monitor repeat offenders very closely and by monitor I mean we look very deep at all their activities and interactions.

We also watch for any abnormal patterns in the logs and investigate them. We've gone into clan vaults and wiped them out, wiped player inventories, and mass banned accounts in the past.

We are updating our policy on exploiting to start with a 3 day ban and a warning for the first offense, it will continue in a bank wipe, and end with a perma-ban.

Macroing / Botting

We've taken many measures to make macroing unnecessary and we're still at it. As such we're updating our policy on macroing to start with a 24 hour ban for the first offense, a one week ban for the second, a bank wipe, and finally a perma-ban.

Hacks: Players that use third party programs to hack are getting banned every day. We've said it before that you WILL get banned if you're using these programs, not only if you appear to be using them. We are constantly improving our detection methods and we believe that cheating by use of third party programs isn't making a difference in the game. Our policy to third party program use is immediate perma-ban without a warning or an explanation.

Gold Farming: We've busted up several gold farming rings, banned many accounts and confiscated goods.

If you see players exploiting, botting, and going unpunished, this is just one moment in time and this doesn't mean that they're getting away with anything. Most of all, we're finding out what can be exploited and we plug all the holes as fast as possible. We believe that prevention is far superior to enforcement but that doesn't mean we don't go all out on the enforcement.

We also play all the games you play and knowing things from the inside it's very hard for us to believe that any other outfit is putting as much work into prevention and enforcement as we do. This is a matter of great importance to us. We don't like to talk about it often and we definitely don't like to make examples of or to humiliate players who are getting punished anyway, so perhaps the perception isn't en par with our efforts.

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