News December - 16-12-09


News December - 16-12-09

發表  Saul 于 周五 12月 18, 2009 8:07 pm

In order to deliver you the best product we can, we are pushing back the release of Mortal Online for one month. This is not a decision we take lightly but we feel that it is necessary to do so in order to polish all the core features.
All the core features will be implemented and the additional time will also ensure that we can continue in thoroughly testing all the game features and eradicate all those nasty bugs.

NVIDIA Partnership
We are happy to announce that NVIDIA, the world leader in visual computing technologies and Star Vault, are official partners now. The cooperating between both companies is a vital step for Mortal Online and we are glad to having a business partner like that.

Loot bags and boxes
We will start sending out the Boxed Edition directly after Christmas.
This is not something that we could anticipate, since there are other parties involved in the production of both the boxes and the Limited Editions.
Unfortunately we ran into a problem with the artbook for the Limited Edition, which means that we will be sending those out around the end of January.

Customers who bought the Limited Edition will be compensated with one week additional free gametime.

Special Christmas offers
In order to present you with an early Christmas gift we will are dropping the prices for the last of the boxes as well as the Direct Download until the end of the year. Be sure not to miss out on one of these great offers!

Digital Downloads 5€ off. (up to 12,5% discount)
The Digital Downlaod will be sold at a 5€ discount during December (valid till Dec 31st). This means the Digital Download now costs 34.95€ (excluding VAT)

Cleaning the shelves. Last boxes 15€ off. (up to 27% discount)
The remaining boxes will be sold at a 15€ discount until they are sold out! This means the Boxed Edition is 39.95€ (exculding VAT)

Refer a friend
Starting on Friday Dec. 18th we will start a "refer a friend" period in which current customers can refer up to two friends to buy Mortal Online, there will be 15 days of play time added to your account when your friend has played their free month of game time.

Mortal Online has moved its IRC channel to Stratics, a well known IRC Network specially built to cater to the needs of MMO communities.
We are happy to be a part of the Stratics family now and are looking forward to our cooperation.

In order to find us at our new home go to:
port: 6667
channels: #mortalonline #mortalonline-help

A full list of mirrors can be found on:
#mortalonline is once again the main channel where you'll always find a few devs and all the other players of Mortal Online.
In order to give players a place to find help about everything related to the game, we set up a help channel (#mortalonline-help). Here our mod team aside with knowledgable players will try to help you with any in-game related question or technical issue you might have.

Upcoming patch
We will be delaying the deploment of the upcoming patch until Monday Dec 21st since we will be including a lot of the most important features of Mortal Online we have to make sure that everything is up to par.

To give you a little hint as to what is waiting for you:
Server and netcode performance will be increased significantly.
Elements such as combat, speed and damage will betweaked and balanced more.
The real skill system will be added into the game.
You will also have a new city, more landmass and a Jungle to explore. We will also patch in the improved AI along with new creatures and all of you crafters our there will be happy to hear that the crafting system along with advanced extration and refining will be implemented.
We will also add a lot more weapon types to build from.

Mortal Machininma Contest
We have been watching your truly brilliant entries the whole week and we are more than impressed with what you have done. Infact you are making it so hard for us to pick the three winners that we need another 24hrs to decide on the winning videos.
The three winners will be announced tomorrow on the website, via the forums and the IRC.

Mortal Online the Best of 2009 Award
The good people of MO-Radio have started a community event involving the NaveNewsNetwork and MortalInsight.
The time has come to recognise the best of 2009. Vote for your favourite dev, the most epic thead, the best bug report and lots more.
Visit this link to find out more about the event and how you can participate.

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