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Remember BW's old nickname was 'the NEW of the North'. Seriously, over time it has been the home to many transient clans as an interim between being a small NPC-city based clan, and before they got a holding of their own.

BW has never jumped into bed with Cairn, LoD, or the other mega-zerg clans. But that does not mean that huge zergs don't want to take their city - so anyone who hates zergs should put their armour where their mouth is, and get up there to defend Sunthrone



Aye, Try not too be too holier than thou Grace BW has done it's fair share of nutcupping and zerging. No one in this server can ever claim to be solo that owns a holding, not even NEW since they got the whole server protecting them (or most of it). This is DF, stop crying and start playing.
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Just to clear up a few things. First of all, great fights all around. Sunthrone recieves siege threats on what I would say an almost weekly basis, but few actually pull through. It was huge fun being in a siege that wasn't a slideshow as well. The ocean view from the bank for the day, wasn't too bad either.

1. I don't normally troll the forums. If you'd like to talk, its Huggs NKisses ingame. The reasons are pretty easy to see just by reading this post. People can go back and forth all day and still no one will ever have a real clue what actually went on. There's two sides to everything and people simply jump on whatever side they heard from someone else who heard from someone else, etc.

2. Quit giving Four Twenty a hard time. They did in fact come in telling me they would be nuetral and wanted the chance to check things out. They didn't want to jump into an uneven number fight and create a zergfest, so wanted to see what was going on, which I respect, but were here for some fun. Yes, they were on system just outside of the city and they were still deciding what they were up to, so yeah, they became part of the friendly list so they wouldn't just be killed on sight. B/c.. that would be dumb, right? I think its pretty easy to tell when someone is not friendly if they start attacking you. They were also the only clan on our side we did not temporarily ally to appear green to Black Watch members for that reason.
420 那時候跑過來ST跟我說他們不想以大欺小,所以先保持中立看看,所以他們待在城外看戲,並無意願參戰(他們是過來主持公道的)

3. Believe or not, Black Watch hired absolutely no one. Think about that one for awhile. I think we have also killed and been killed by every single clan that was at Sunthrone last night. I won't even list the multiple reasons for those that came in to help because there were many. I don't think anyone on our side had any clue what we were really up against, but there were some awesome fights that went both ways last night so I think everyone who came along for the fun got what they were looking for.

4. Not sure what the point of the vent info was, but we hand out our vent info to anyone hanging around ST with us. Or if you'd like to hop in and say hi, just ask ingame and we'll approve you with your own tag. I would worry about spys perhaps, if there was something worth spying on.

That all said, big thanks again to everyone who came out to Sunthrone for some fun last night. In fact, thank you for all the raiders that roll through so much every day. You guys are what keeps the game exciting and we like our chaotic little city.
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Originally Posted by Andro Bourne
50k to Brutality and then some for the cannons they used since you ran out of battlespikes not sure what your dealings were with DHW but they don't work for free so nice try. (ah yea continue to buy gold online because that's working out great for you as well and once a post the recordings you can actually hear some Black Watch saying they purchase gold online)
Legeon XIII的人造謠說BW給50k請Brutality幫忙,還一直造謠BW跟工作室買遊戲幣

50k was no received by brutaLity. We showed up for free. I dropped my Dragon Cannon free of charge, guess call me a show off? lol.

DHW was not there.
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