[Dawntide] 類似MO/DF的sandbox MMO DawnTide - OpenBeta 31st May


[Dawntide] 類似MO/DF的sandbox MMO DawnTide - OpenBeta 31st May

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- 沒有等級制, 使用類似Darkfall的技能等級
- Player Housing, 可以任意放置在世界上任何地方
- Crafting, 沒仔細看

轉貼一些大概描述懶得去翻譯 XD

All characters share the same skills, attributes, perks, spells, recipes and so forth. There are no character levels or classes, and no experience points. Characters differ considerably, however, in how well trained they are in any given aspect – a player who mostly enjoys crafting will likely find himself with quite a different character than someone who enjoys combat, or someone who enjoys exploration. Any given Dawntide character is very broadly speaking made up of the following: Attributes, Skills & Perks

種族: 分兩個, 1個叫Vynn(人類) 1個叫Santyrian(怪獸)

Combat :

Combat in Dawntide revolves heavily around the three Combat Attributes: Force, Speed, and Balance. These will all trend towards zero when not in combat, and go up or down in combat based on your own stances, equipment and other factors as well as those of your target. After entering combat (through a keystroke or hotkey) a character will continually attack their target with either their melee weapon or ranged weapon, based on which they have chosen.

Combat Factors (Force, Speed, Balance or FSB)

Force modifies your attack damage and the power of your spells. Range: -10 to +10
Speed modifies your attack speed and the speed at which you cast spells. Range: -10 to +10
Balance modifies your ability to defend yourself against melee, ranged and spell attacks. Range: -10 to +10
All characters, NPCs and monsters have these Combat Attributes. In the client, they are presented as colored points.


Stances determine the focus of your character in combat, and will affect all forms of combat from melee to sorcery. All characters start with the basic balanced stance, and more stances can be unlocked through perks as you raise your skills. A few examples are the Aggressive stance which increases your force and lowers your enemy’s balance at the expense of your own balance and the Channeling stance which improves your focus greatly but makes you practically defenseless in combat. Changing stances is a combat action that takes around 1 second and costs a chunk of all your combat factors.

Combat Actions

Combat Actions are special actions and attacks that will momentarily pause your auto attacking. Casting spells in combat counts as a combat action, and so do special attacks which usually cost a chunk of your combat focuses and endurance in exchange for delivering a powerful attack or causing a special effect on yourself or your foe. A few examples are Critical Strike, which costs 5 Force and 100 Endurance, in exchange for an attack that cannot be stopped by armor and which will stun your enemy briefly. Combat effects can have a wide number of attributes, including the following list:

Circumstantial Requirement: Must be behind enemy, must be on enemy’s side, sun must be shining, etc.
Combat Attribute modifier: Bonuses or reductions to FSB.
Own Combat Attributes: Requirements for your FSB to execute a given ability. Many abilities require you to have certain levels of one or more Combat Attributes.
Target Combat Attributes: Requirements for target’s FSB to execute a given ability against them. Many abilities require your target to have certain levels of one or more Combat Attributes.
Effects: Effects of the attack, such as Damage or defensive bonuses. There are many different effects and effect types.
Cost: Mana, endurance, combat factor or resource cost.

Anticipation allows you to gauge an enemy’s Force, Speed and Balance, as well as read which stance they are using. At high skill levels, it will allow you to read multiple nearby enemies instead of just your target.


All crafting in Dawntide requires resources. Items are made out of material which must be extracted from the world, and the material’s properties play a large part in determining the final outcome. In order to harvest resources in Dawntide, you will need a tool such as a mining pick or axe. These tools, like everything, come in different forms and materials that will affect how they work.

Resource Harvesting

When extracting resources, you get the following types of Raw Materials,depending on your source:


Animal Material
Plant Material

While some of these raw resources can be used as-is, others must first be processed into a usable form. These are called Refined Materials and include the following:


Lastly, some recipes require Components. These may be any world item – a frequent component of many recipes is Water. Some items, especially advanced ones, may consist of only components that have high crafting skill requirements, with the actual item recipe sporting lower requirements.

Material Properties

All materials in Dawntide, raw or refined, have certain properties which apply when they are used for crafting an item. These are:

Material Type: The type of material, as described above. Certain types of material can be used for certain things.
Quality Level: The material’s quality. Any given source (or “node”) has a Material Level, so all material extracted from there have the same QL. Quality is a linear modifier, so all other things equal, an Iron Long Swordmade from QL 0.5 Iron will be half as good as an Iron Long Swordmade from QL 1.0 Iron.
Conductivity: Conductivity is a material’s ability to channel sorcery. Highly conducive materials are more suited to hold Enchantments, while extremely low or non-conducive materials may provide a Sorcery-deadening effect.
Color: The material’s color. This also determines the color of any items made with the material, though dyes will

Player Housing/Settling:

The Dawntide world, Cieve, is divided into three types of territories. Each type of territory has its own rules and differences that should be taken into consideration if venturing there.

Please note that any specifics here are highly likely to change during Beta as we test our theories.

Territorial Ownership

The Dawntide world, Cieve, is divided into three types of territories. Each type of territory has its own rules and differences that should be taken into consideration if venturing there.

National Territories: National territory is the safe starting areas. They surround the major NPC settlements and cities and are heavily patrolled by highly trained guardsmen. It would almost certainly be a mistake to act violently here. While these areas are safe, however, they also have very limited profitability, possibilities for advancement and you cannot settle.
Border Territories: Border territory is territory only tangentially held by the NPC states. Guards there are both less vigilant and less trained, but they are a visible force nonetheless. It is possible to gain influence with the border authorities in order to receive permission for limited settling here. Border territory offers better opportunities than National, but still not well.
Lawless Territories: Lawless territory has no laws. NPC empires do not stake claim to these areas and there are no patrols or oversight of any kind. The only regulation here is military force, but Lawless territory also features both the most abundant and varied resources of any territory type.

Buildings are constructed on an individual basis, but must be connected to a military Control Building. The control building "decides" who can build on its Sphere of Influence, and bases its decision on its faction's access settings. Essentially, if you don't have the "Constructor" key for the control building, it won't let you start a construction job, nor will you be able to start construction jobs of non-military buildings outside of a friendly sphere of influence. Anyone is free to start a Faction of their own, however.

If you are allowed to build within its sphere of influence or are starting construction of a control building, you select your building type through the crafting interface. We'll be experimenting with how to place buildings throughout the beta, but once you've chosen your location, the construction job will start counting down towards completion. A construction job will likely take quite a long time, and an amount of materials will be required to initiate the construction, then another (possibly different) amount at certain intervals, though the entire amount may also be placed there at the beginning.

There will be control buildings with residential features and tiny control spheres for small groups of friends or hardcore individuals to enjoy living in wild territory - as long as they can defend their holdings, that is.

Building Types

Player buildings come in many shapes and sizes – all the shapes and sizes the NPC buildings do and more, actually. For player built cities to truly compete with comfortable NPC cities, they must offer satisfying rewards, and advanced facilities and good resource access are one of the many benefits of a successful settlement.

詳細的可以去網頁上看看, 介紹還附帶一些圖片的

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5/31 開始, application server down = =

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還沒開放申請, 下載點也還沒出

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Q: What is the release date for Dawntide?
A: No release date has been made public yet.

Q: What are the technical requirements for Dawntide?
A: The technical requirements for Dawntide are:

Windows XP or Windows Vista
1GB System RAM
2 GHz Intel Pentium 4 or equivalent processor
256MB Direct3D compatible video card
DirectX 9.0c
Q: Will Dawntide have NPC hirelings?
A: NPCs can be hired to operate shops, facilities and resource mines. They are vital to a successful faction’s survival.

Q: Does Dawntide have mounts?
A: The Animal Training skill allows players to tame and train animals. Mounts will be actual creatures in the game, and cannot be carried in your pack. If they are killed, they are gone, making them a powerful but expensive investment.

Q: Are there instances in Dawntide?
A: There will be very limited instancing for player housing, allowing multiple players to live in the same building. Beyond those, there will be very little.

Q: Will Dawntide be sharded (multiple servers)?
A: No. There will only be one server.

Q: Zones or seamless?
A: Seamless.

Q: What graphics engine are you using?
A: Dawntide runs on the GameBryo engine, recently seen in Oblivion and Fallout 3 as well as other games.

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