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- Directional Attacks. Players, if skilled enough, may now evade incoming enemy attacks. While attacking, creatures now only rotates as much as their attack allows.
- Basic Creature Taming. Creatures in the world may now be tamed and controlled

- Added support for MassiveLOD.
- Fixed so that self-inflicted damage no longer sends you flying, fixing several client-crashes.
- Re-added upper body-pitch animation support.
- Stamina-breathing sound is now based on how much % of you total-stamina you have rather then being a constant value.
- Female characters should now correctly play the fatigue sounds when tired.
- The lictor will spawn instantly.
- Loot-bags now load faster.
- You should no longer be able to stand on top of NPCs.
- You can now drown if you stay under water for too long!
- The amount of time you can spend under water is now correctly calculated.
- Added support in the for the "iconsidermysins" and "murdercount" commands in the chat-log, these will show you your current MurderCount.
- Fixed bug that made login in while in water mess up effects and drowning.
- You should now correctly lose one MurderCount every 20th hour, if you get another murder count during this time the timer will reset.
- You can no longer attack loot-bags.
- Fixed the constant "I'm sinking!" issue when swimming.
- Made the camera-calculation that decides if you are under water a bit better.
- Fixed an issue that made grey-flags on clients update out of sync.
- Removed and issue with local flags on the server (they didn't get updated correctly).
- You can no longer dodge while carrying to much stuff.
- All npcs should now correctly die.
- Knockback due to getting hit is now calculated rather then being a fixed amount.
- Buoyancy on character is now correctly calculated from the weight of your backpack.
- Fixed a bug that sometimes forced you to walk when you left water.
- Fixed mouse-cursor show up now and then when using/stunning etc.
- Performance update for character/creature shadows.
- Fixed so that loot should now show the name of the creature/character that dropped it.
- Loot is now correctly flagged, and if you loot it you will be flagged as if you helped killing the creature/character that dropped it.
- You can now call guards to kill evil-npcs.
- Added support for several AimOffsets.
- Shield bash is now working again.
- You are now able to open loot bags several times.
- Spells now require reagents.
- Spells now require sufficient skill to use.
- Spell effects are now affected by skill.
- New spell added, Greater Healing.
- Spell numbers tweaked across the board.
- Spell effects spinning around targets should now be gone.
- A bow carried on the back should no longer display an arrow.
- New dynamic tool tip system has been added, so far only implemented in the inventory.
- The position given when you say "pos" in chat is now encrypted (it's not supposed to be used for map making ^_^)
- Designfix: You always gain attributes from skill regardless of skill lock.
- Fixed a small bug regarding skill success check on mining and lumberjacking skills.
- Added range checks for skill use.
- Fixed attribute gain on lumberjacking.
- Added new skill, Taming.
- Added target health bar.
- Added real-time paper-doll.
- Fixed a bug where you beta suicide if you pressed space with the Profile Menu open.
- Fixed a bug where you could gain max skills in all attributes.
- Small fixes in the spellbook.
- Spell Order / Index fix.
- New GUI for character selection added.
- Sidebar scaled.
- Resource icons fixed.
- A few changes to the invetory GUI.
- Close button in the loot window fixed.
- Created a new AimOffset for 3rd-person characters.
- All creatures are re-imported.
- Damage output from creatures is now taking player armor into account.
- Creature behaviours tweaked to make each creature more unique.
- Creatures may or may not be able to attack while running.
- Players and creatures are now bleeding and screaming when being attacked by other creatures.
- Battles messages now display creature names correctly.
- Creatures should now flee at full speed.
- Fized a bug where creatures weren't acting as intended after returning from battle.
- Creatures should now detect incoming ranged attacks better.
- Fix that should improve the target selection of creatures.
- More advanced AI added.

- Loading for zones is now changed.
- All zones now use massiveLOD.
- Mining cave has got new ambience.
- Female Sidoian has gotten new impact sounds.
- Updated ambiances for Khurite village in T03-02.
- Updated props for T01-03.
- Lowered world ambience.
- Some performance tweaking made in Vadda.
- More detail added to Vadda (more to come).
- Added leather and metal vendors at Vadda.
- Storage Npc near the mine now has the proper StorageID (previous deposits made at the mine can be found in the Fabernum Storage).
- Fixed a rotation bug on the tents in Moh-Ki.
- World terrain texture tiled up.
- Grass meshes should now blend in better with the ground texture.
- Fabernum got it´s own streaming volume for increased performance.
- Torches should now have collision.
- Reagent vendors added in towns and camps.
- Npc once again feel safe inside.
- There is something lurking in the deep...

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